When People Say

I wish people would just say what they mean, instead of making things so confusing.…..

When people say, “big deal” that means it’s not a big deal.

When people say, “I’m in the middle of something” it means they maybe just started something which means they are in the beginning of something.

When people say, “I’m only used to getting up SO EARLY” it means they are NOT used to getting up early. Why don’t they just say what they mean instead of saying the opposite? Like, “big deal” means it’s NOT a big deal…..?

When people say, “already” it means something happened before, during, or after it’s supposed to happen. Like, do we have to get up already…(right now)?….or like, you already ate, as in, …..you just finished eating, which means already means something can’t happen because it is done happening.

When people say, “I am staying at a bed and breakfast” they should know that some places offer a dinner option, too. It means they may or may not offer lunch. So they should check before going if they have a lunch or dinner option. But if they do, they should say, this place is a “bed and breakfast, lunch, and dinner.”

When people say, “thanks to….” (so and so) it means “because of” so and so. Sometimes they may be thanking something or someone, like, “thanks to my flashlight, we can see where we are going tonight.” ….or sometimes it’s the opposite. They are NOT thanking the something or someone, because something usually got ruined. For example, “thanks to those birds, my car is dirty!”

When people say, “here we go”, it means something is going to happen. If people say it and they are upset, something bad will usually happen. If people say it and they are happy, something good will usually happen.

When people say, “I feel blue” they are sad. When they say, “I see red” they are mad. When they are jealous, they are green, and when someone is mellow yellow, they are very happy. I wonder what they feel when they are orange…maybe frustrated..


When people say, “see you later,” they should say, “I see you now” because they are looking at you when they say it, unless you have left their sight.

When people say, “an awful lot of fun,” they mean it’s very fun, but it’s not a lot of fun that’s awful.

When people say, “that’s the last thing I want to do,” they mean they don’t want to do it at all, not first or last.

When people say, “that’s needs to be so and so.. really bad..” like cleaned or sharpened, or made better in some way, what they really mean is it needs be so and so really good. 

When people say, “are you serious?”, what they really mean is you are NOT serious, so I don’t know why they ask this question. 

When people say, “thanks a lot!”, if they are upset when they say it, it means they really do not thank you. 

When people say, “I ate every last bite”, there really is only ONE last bite.

When people say, “that’s not going to happen anytime soon”, they really mean it is not going to happen anytime soon, if AT ALL.

to be continued…