Secret of 9

I like numbers and the interesting things that they do.

Here is another self-portrait of the number 9.


When you multiply numbers by 9, the end result can be added together to make a nine, or several nines.

For example, 1×9=9. The answer (9) is already a nine and it has no other number next to it so it would be 9+0, which equals 9.

2×9=18. The 1 and 8 in 18 added together make 9.

Lets try a random. 520×9=4,590. the 4 and 5 added together make 9. The 9 and 0 added together also make 9. So there are 2 (9)s in that answer.

Still not convinced? Let’s try that again.

11,367……….. the 3+6=9. That leaves the 7+1+1. That equals 9.  1,263×9=11,367.

Now, you try it!

Multiply a number by 9, and then add the answer together to see if you can find a 9 or several 9s.

Here’s a picture to help illustrate it. I hope you like it!


The Secret to multiplying the number 9

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    Judy (An Autism Observer)

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