Number Gymnastix

How do you take a whole number and get a BIGGER whole number by dividing it?

You may say to yourself, this does not make sense. But you can take a whole number such as 5 and get a LARGER number, like 15 by dividing the 5.

You use fractions!

When dividing an integer by a fraction, you are actually multiplying that number by the denominator of the fraction. Therefore, you should get:
5 / (1/3) = 5 * 3 = 15

Here is my picture I made to help illustrate it…


Take 7, for example. You can turn it into a 28 easily by dividing it by 1/4.

Numbers are not symbols to show something is always bigger or smaller, like an elephant is larger than an ant.

Numbers measure quantity, not necessarily a body of matter like a:
pile · heap · stack · clump · cloud · bunch · bundle, lump, or elephant.

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