Mellow Kitty

Mellow Kitty is a Spoof I created of the character “Hello Kitty”. Well it all started at Mellow Mushroom Pizzeria, in Marietta off Shallowford Rd. 

I went there one afternoon with my sisters and mom and had a great pizza.

While I was there, I noticed the ceiling tiles had a  lot of local art and spoofs of cool characters like the Beatles and the Cat in the Hat. I thought about doing a ceiling tile for the place and ask if it would be ok, and they said, “sure!”


So Mom and I went to Home Depot to get one but unfortunately, you could only buy those by the pack, so instead, I went with a piece of sheetrock, 2×2 ft. First, I did a rough draft of Mello Kitty by pencil. I added a mushroom hat and a pizza.

Mellow Kitty

Second, I traced it onto a computer.


Third, I made it a radial design by putting four quadrants and colored them. Fourth I printed them out and assembled them. Fifth, I put the sketch onto the sheet rock. Sixth, I painted the colors by the printed picture. Seventh, I outlined it in paint maker and sprayed it and “Voila!” That is how I created my Mellow Kitty Radial Design. The reason that I made the radial design was so you can look up at the ceiling and see the Hello Kitty cute character from any seat and I love cats. Not only that, I decided to make a radial design like I haven’t done in a long time. I put all the colors of the rainbow as the background to give it a 1960’s-70’s kind of look.


The Mellow Mushroom Pizzaria liked my Mellow Kitty Tile. I really enjoyed making it! 


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